BS Enterprises is where we give training workshops to skilled labor with the objective that they get totally prepared and can surpass desires in their profession. Once they get fully trained and are equipped with proper skills they gain their visas. We have relationship with numerous ventures for placement of skilled workers like- Hilalco, Technomec, Al-mdar, Arab Builders, National Khrafi, Shapporji, Saaed and so forth. There are diverse kind of skilled labors such as:
1Furniture Carpenter11Steel Fixer Chargehand21Steel Fabrication31Excavator Operator41Gypsum Carpenter51Cook
2Furniture Painter12Electrician ( House Wiring, Industrial Electrician, Auto Electrician )22Welders32JCB Operator42Tower Crane Operator52Concrete Pump Operator
3Shuttering Carpenter13Plumber23Rigger33Forklift Operator43Grader Operator53Service Staff
4Steel Fixer14Pipe Fitting24Scaffolder34Mobile Crane Operator44Piper Fitter / Pipe Layer54Tyreman
5Masons ( Tiles, Blocks, Plaster )15Security Guard25Structural Welder35Loader Operator45Dumper Driver55AC Technician
6Masons Foreman16Accountant26Painter / Denters36Bobcat Operator46Dozer Operator56Road Roller Operator
7Masons Chargehand17Time Keeping27Sprey Painter37Roller Operator47Draftsman57Power Operator
8Carpenter Foreman18Helpers28Wooden Sprey Painter38Grease Man48IT Technician58Security Guard / Custodians
9Carpenter Chargehand19Land Surveyor29Heavy Duty Drivers39Mechanics ( Diesel & Petrol Mechanic )49CMS Operator59Batching Plane Operator
10Steel Fixer Foreman20Aluminium Fabrication30Light Duty Drivers40Mechanics50Drilling Machine Operator60Safty Officer